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As a leader in long term operations and maintenance of decentralized wastewater systems, NWA Utility Services, Inc provides a comprehensive program to meet the needs of the many communities that are designed with these types of wastewater collection and treatment systems  Even though decentralized systems  are designed to minimize demands on operation and maintenance providers, continuous and proper operation and maintenance practices are directly linked to the permit requirements of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality. As a utility provider we are committed to make sure your system meets the environmental compliance standards as it was designed and is required to meet.

As a decentralized wastewater system utility company we are structured to provide, public education, complete system operations and maintenance performance, record keeping, reporting and compliance. NWA Utility’s experience allows us to provide additional services such as permit renewals, corrective action plans and facility repairs and or upgrades. We are fully vested in your facilities long term performance.


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