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Bethel Oaks LLC.

- As of October 1st, 2016, NWA Utility Services, INC. started operating this -


There is an abundance of reasons to live in a small town, and more and more people are moving out of the city to the countryside saying that their reasons to live in a small town started with wanting a slower pace of life, or a better place to bring up their kids. The benefits of small-town hospitality were the goal of the Bethel Oaks community.  Development in the rural setting between Farmington and Prairie Grove and within close proximity to the University of Arkansas with the appeal of a neighborhood community was what this developer was looking to achieve.


The Aqua Tech Systems, decentralized system at the Bethel Oaks subdivision provided a great option for this community where a large sewage treatment plant was not accessible. Considering the alternative of septic systems this decentralized system, when properly managed can protect public health and the environment.  Additionally because of its lower capital and maintenance costs for rural communities, this approach was appropriate for new development in the growing areas of Washington County.

Northwest AR Utility Services began operations of this facility in October 2016 to bring it into compliance with the ADEQ permit requirements.  Having been under the control of another operations company and consistently having permit excursions and effluent violations, the POA contracted with NWA Utilities to remedy the existing problem and keep the facility performing as it was designed and required to be by the  ADEQ .  As an exclusive certified operations company for the Bioclere treatment plant installed at the site, our operators analyzed and implemented a corrective action plan to quickly bring the facility back into compliance with the permit conditions of the ADEQ.

With a focus on continued proper operations and maintenance and a community outreach program soon to be instituted, the residents of the subdivision will have the confidence and assurance that the Aqua Tech Systems wastewater treatment facility will continually meet or exceed permit requirements mandated by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality.

Like any other wastewater system, decentralized systems must be properly designed, maintained, and operated to provide optimum benefits. Where they are determined to be a good fit, decentralized systems help communities reach the triple bottom line of sustainability: good for the environment, good for the economy, and good for the people.

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