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Deer Haven LLC.

The immediate need for housing spurred by rapid growth associated with Walmart Corporate headquarters located in NW Arkansas was the normal for developers in this pocket of the Ozarks. However increased land costs associated with property inside the city limits and the negative impacts growth would place on outdated infrastructure warranted the developer of Deer Haven Subdivision to look for creative solutions to develop housing within the rural portion of the community. Understanding the potential

environmental issues and the dynamics of how to navigate them, Aqua Tech Systems determined the best approach to address their wastewater needs.

By understanding the opposition new development has to many longtime residents have with respect to preservation of open space, Aqua Tech Systems design, management and community outreach teams assisted the developer in overcoming the public’s skepticism of how development could potentially impair their rural setting.

The goal was to preserve the character of their counties, provide essential infrastructure to preserve the environment and support economic development. Located within close proximity to the development, the wastewater treatment system and reuse area is undetectable to those living in the subdivision and surrounding communities.  To the benefit of the developer and residents in Deer Haven, this system has a common collection, advanced treatment, and disposal system that will cost less per home than conventional on-lot septic systems. The team at Aqua Tech Systems took the opportunity to transform the demand for real estate into an opportunity to be good stewards for the environment in a sensitive area of the Ozarks.  


At full build out the system will be capable of treating 33,280 gpd from 128 homes. Due to the nature of the technology the treatment system is cabable of meeting regulatory compliance from the time the first system comes online.   With the sudden down turn in the economy and a stall in new housing starts this system has been continually meeting permit requirements thru the consistant operations and maintence provided by the Aqua Tech Systems utility division, NWA Utility Services Inc.

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