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Cane Island LLC.

Cane Island Estates is a 120 acre development less than one mile from Bull Shoals dam. This environmentally friendly development has a self-contained sewer system and boasts one of the most beautiful settings anywhere on the White River.

The White River in Arkansas is known around the world for some of the finest trout fishing anywhere. Rainbow, brown, brook, and cutthroat trout are plentiful in the White River. Because of the close proximity of this development to the White River, the final solution needed to provide the best water quality protection on a consistent basis.

The decentralized wastewater concept is becoming more widely accepted as a solution with the increased attention towards water quality protection, groundwater recharge and preservation and robust consistent treatment results. The  Aqua Tech solution offered an advanced treatment solution with  STEP collection, secondarily treated trickling filter treatment, and a drip disposal system for further effluent treatment.

NWA Utility Services in partnership with the developer incorporated the EPA’s voluntary national guidelines for management of decentralized wastewater systems.  Following their recommended guidelines and management  models  our aim is to provide  progressively increasing controls  so the communities  is able to achieve  public health and water quality objectives.

Securing a maintenance contracts  to ensure appropriate maintenance is performed along with homeowner awareness efforts to inform residents about proper STEP system care and maintenance are effectively in place.  Additionally, as regulated by the ADEQ, this facility has been issued an operations permit defining performance-based requirements and a required reporting schedule.  NWA Utility Services and the developer are committed to ensure a model for long term protection of the White River and the people who have invested here to enjoy its natural beauty. 

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